• 3:51

    Working with Multiple Yarns Held Together

    With so many yarns to choose from, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to decide which ones to use in a project. Why not combine yarns and hold them together as you crochet to create something totally unique? In this video, Mister Domestic talks about working with multiple yarns held together and demonstrates combining yarns to…

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  • 3:01

    Adding a New Color to Your Project

    When working on a crochet project, the time often comes to change your ball of yarn. Whether you are working in one color and simply need more yarn, or you’re adding in a new, fun color, the process of adding the new ball of yarn is the same. In this video, avid crocheter Mister Domestic…

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  • 2:22

    Magic Fasten Off

    There are so many little tips and tricks to learn in crochet. Each one will help make your crochet projects easier and even help you to give your finished item a cleaner, more polished look. The magic fasten off is one of those techniques that can really take your crochet up a notch. When used…

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  • 4:53

    Comparing Beading Methods

    Adding beads to a crochet project, like a lace shawl or sweater, can be done in a variety of ways. The two most common methods for joining beads are pre-stringing the beads onto the yarn and bead-as-you-go. In this video, Mary Beth Temple compares the two methods so that you can decide which one will…

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  • 4:27

    Adding Beads as You Go

    Beads can be a fun detail to add to crochet projects like lace shawls and sweaters. There are different ways that beads can be incorporated into a project, and you should use the method that works best for you. In this video, Mary Beth Temple demonstrates how to add beads to your crochet project as…

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  • 6:06

    Pre-Stringing Beads for Your Crochet Project

    Adding beads to a crochet lace shawl or sweater is a fun way to add pizzazz and something extra special to your project. There are different ways that you can add beads to your crochet project and in this video crochet expert Mary Beth Temple demonstrates how to add beads by pre-stringing them onto the…

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