• 6:48

    Stitch Pattern Repeats

    Reading a crochet pattern can sometimes seem very daunting. There are so many abbreviations and a variety of punctuation is used, making it difficult to decode. Even stitchers who have been crocheting for decades sometimes find difficulty in reading crochet patterns. In this video, Mary Beth Temple discusses common notations used in crochet patterns and…

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  • 5:13

    Reading A Crochet Chart

    Reading a crochet chart and understanding pattern schematics are important skills that can help take your crochet up a notch. In this video, crochet expert Mary Beth Temple explains the basics of both crochet charts and schematics and shares her tips and tricks for using them when working on your next crochet project. Mary Beth…

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  • 3:07

    Surface Chains vs. Braided Chains

    There are so many different ways to add crochet embellishments to a project. Techniques like crochet embroidery and surface embellishments can add color, texture, and interest to just about any crochet project. Two popular embellishments are surface chains and braided chains. While some of the mechanics of these techniques are similar, they do create a…

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  • 4:57

    Vertical Braided Chains

    Crochet embellishments like surface chains and crochet embroidery can be a fun a way to add texture and color to just about any project. In this video, Mary Beth Temple demonstrates how to work vertical braided chains. Mary Beth notes that both the horizontal and vertical braided chains only create the look of a braid…

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  • 4:43

    Horizontal Braided Chain

    Horizontal braided chains are a type of surface embellishment that’s different from a traditional surface chain. In this video, Mary Beth Temple demonstrates how to work a horizontal braided chain. Mary Beth prefers to work these braided chains with her fabric oriented vertically. This means that she turns the piece 90-degrees clockwise. The braided chain…

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  • 6:08

    Vertical Surface Chain

    Adding texture and color to a project with surface crochet or crochet embroidery can be both fun and easy to do. Vertical crochet surface chains can be added to just about any crochet project and in this video Mary Beth Temple demonstrates two ways to add this embellishment to a piece. Mary Beth begins with…

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  • 3:15

    Horizontal Surface Chain

    Adding embellishments to your project like crochet embroidery or surface crochet is a fun way to include more interest and color to any crochet project. In this video, Mary Beth Temple demonstrates how to work a horizontal surface chain. To work a horizontal surface crochet chain, Mary Beth begins with a slip knot on her…

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  • 7:04

    Treble Crochet Decrease

    The treble crochet decrease is a decrease that takes two treble crochet stitches and reduces them to a single stitch. This decrease may be used when a piece worked in treble crochet needs to be shaped, like a bottom-up shawl or lacy crocheted sweater. In this video, Jen Lucas demonstrates how to work a treble…

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  • 6:52

    Half Double Crochet Decrease

    Half double crochet is a stitch that’s quick to make and can be used for a variety of projects. If a project requires shaping, like a crocheted sweater or hat, then increases or decreases will typically need to be used to ensure that the item fits properly. The half double crochet decrease is a simple…

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