Working Into the Back of a Chain

Most of us were taught that when working into a foundation chain, the best thing to do was to insert the hook from front to back through the front of the chain, sometimes under two legs, sometimes under one. I did it myself for years without ever thinking twice, until I learned the trick of going through the back or bump of the chain!

Any pattern can accommodate working into the back of the chain. The easiest way to tell the front of the chain from the back of the chain is to look carefully. If you see a column of Vs, that is the front of the chain. If you see a column of bumps, that is the back of the chain.

Front vs. Back

Just insert your hook from front to back through the bump, and complete your stitch as instructed.

Crochet Projects: When To Use

I first started working into the back bump of the chain because it works best for Tunisian crochet, but honestly, I now use the back of the chain for almost everything. It gives you an edging that is both more elastic and visually similar to the top edge of a row of stitches.

By working into the back of the chain, you’ll have the perfect base to leave alone at the end of your project, work an edging onto, or use for seaming. Additionally, it also solves the problem a lot of new crocheters have when the first row or two of a project is more narrow than the rest of the project.

When starting a new crochet pattern, try working into the back of the chain – you might find it to be the perfect starting edge for your next project!

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16 Responses to “Working Into the Back of a Chain”


    Is there a video of this great tip. I do so much better with videos than seeing a picture.

  2. Mary Nolan

    What a great tip! I am going to try working into the back of the crochet chain on my next project. It looks really nice!

  3. Louise

    Thank you for the tip on back bump. I had never hweard of the back bump till about 19 days ago. I like the look it gives.

  4. Robin Martins

    I started doing this method of working into the back bump of the chain a while ago and just love the finished look of it rather than working the front and having much neater finish

  5. Teresa

    This is only for the very first row after doing the first chain of stitches - All the following rows would be as 'normal' ?

  6. Nancy

    I only use this for certain situations. It doesn't work well for everything. I have a pencil topper pattern that cannot use the back bump and turn out like it needs to look. My sister uses the back bump for all her projects and that's how I found out it won't work for everything. I don't think it will work with amigurumi either.

  7. Joyce Mazza

    Like the way it looks going to try it

  8. Sue Pollock

    Is this only applicable to single crochet?

  9. Deborah Horne

    Thank you for the tips, I’m new to crochet and found this helpful.

  10. Gaye Moss

    Interesting tip to work in back edge of chain. I’ll try iron my next project. Thanks!