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58 Responses to “Show Us Your Project”

  1. Sandra Kelley

    Lovely-you should be proud !

  2. Ornella Simonelli

    That's so beautiful!

  3. Keonna Andrews

    These are simply beautiful. Absolutely flawless work.

  4. Madi Huber

    what pattern is this?

  5. Keonna Andrews

    Hello all, happy to be a part of the crochet community appreciate all of you looped into my heart. God bless you all.

  6. Elaina Kelly

    Help! Modern Metro Sweater pattern - what would be the stitch counts for an XL?

  7. Dianne Brueckner

    Finished this hoodie. No pattern. Stitched twice as much as kept because trying to make it right! 100% Alpaca 4 ply, linen stitch.

  8. Andrea Himmo

    That looks fantastic. The stitches are so interesting. Was there a pattern for this? I would love to see it.

  9. Pat

    This Afghan is so easy to do , and can be done in so many color combinations.

  10. Jan Goudeau

    THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! It came out so well. I looove the colors.