Starting Double Crochet Rows

Most times, when working in double crochet, we are told to chain three and turn, use that chain three as the first double crochet in the row, then begin by placing a double crochet in the second stitch and moving forward. While that works, sometimes it can leave a gap at the beginning of each row, that doesn’t look so attractive. While some folks try to work a chain two instead of a chain three, that can pull your edges down and make them pucker (depends on your gauge of course – it does work for some people).

The two techniques I use most often to get rid of those gaps are to either use a linked double crochet or a wrapped double crochet for the beginning of a double crochet row.

Linked Double Crochet

For the linked double crochet, you will chain 3 and turn, and that chain will replace the first double crochet in the row, but instead of beginning your next double with a yarn over, you will insert your hook front to back through the second chain of that chain three, yarn over and draw up a loop, then finish your double as you would normally (insert your hook in the next stitch, yarn over, draw up a loop, yarn over and draw through two loops on hook twice). By linking the first completed double to the chain-three, you close that gap.

Wrapped Double Crochet

Alternatively, you could begin with a wrapped double crochet. Chain two and turn, wrap the hook around the back of that chain-two and yarn over, bringing the hook back to the front of the work, insert your hook in the very first stitch, and finish your double as above. The chain-two and the wrap extend a bit past the edge of the work but because you are starting your row proper with an actual double crochet instead of a chain three, the gap disappears.

Try one of these techniques the next time you’re working in double crochet!

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17 Responses to “Starting Double Crochet Rows”

  1. Margarita Rickard

    Excellent advice I’ve been looking for a way to take away that gap. Thanks

  2. Dell Martinez

    What’s that noise I hear about “old dogs… After all these years I am still learning! Yeah for an 85 year old!! Thanks for teaching as all !!!!


    Wow! This was helpful. I’m a beginner at crocheting and can use all the tips to make my work better! Thanks,

  4. Sandy

    I’ve tried this and I love it. I tried both the linked and the wrapped and depending on what I’m doing I will use. I’ve always hated that gap. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Ann Crist

    Thanks for the different way to avoid the gap of turning a double crochet row. I’m doing a project right now and noticed the look but didn’t know what to do about it.

  6. Bonnie

    Thank-you for these alternatives to ch 3 – I have used stacked single crochet but am excited to try these methods as well. I do like the fact that the gap resulting from ch 3 is not there, much cleaner look.

  7. June

    Thank you, thank you. I’m definitely going to use the wrapped method. Going into a chain every row would be too hard with my limited eyesight. I’m in the middle of making a stole for a friend and am sorely tempted to take the whole thing apart and start again, but I’m consoling myself with the knowledge that my next project as well as the rest of this one will look so much better!

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