Brenda K.B. Anderson

Crochet in a Snap! Working with Super Bulky Yarn

Brenda K.B. Anderson
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In this lesson, Brenda introduces us to the three projects that she will be teaching in this class: the Saint Cloud Circle Scarf, the Tilt Beanie and the Frost Headband. She discusses what constitutes a super bulky yarn and talks about how the yarn properties will affect the look and feel of the resulting crocheted fabric.
Brenda walks us through the construction of the Saint Cloud Circle Scarf beginning with the Set-up Row, and then demonstrates how to work in the Maize stitch pattern. She also addresses what to do if your yarn starts getting too much twist in it as you are crocheting.
This session is centered around creating the Tilt Beanie. In this lesson, Brenda begins with the gauge swatch, showing us how to work in one of her favorite ribbed stitch patterns. Next, she shows us step-by step how to create this unusually constructed hat, ending with a lesson on steam blocking. She finishes this lesson by explaining how to make adjustments to the pattern for a different gauge.
In this lesson, Brenda demonstrates how to make the Frost Headband using the star stitch. She shares her technique for keeping the edges of this stitch pattern straight and without gaps. Next, she shows us how to seam the twist in the headband, discusses methods for blocking, and finishes with tips on how to customize the pattern for a different gauge.
Brenda teaches us three bonus stitch patterns that are particularly good for working up in a super bulky yarn. She explains the properties of each stitch and the reason why she uses each of these stitch patterns time and time again for her super bulky projects.
5 Lessons
2  hrs 44  mins

Super Bulky yarns are super fun to work with! They work up very quickly and have so much great texture, but sometimes our projects don’t turn out how we had expected them to. Often, we have to choose between a project that has large holes between the stitches or a stiff, unwearable project. But not so with the projects in this class!

Crochet designer Brenda K. B. Anderson has created three projects for this class that feature super bulky yarns: a cowl, a beanie, and a headband. Each project features a different stitch pattern that works well for super bulky yarns: showcasing the chunky texture, while minimizing the holes between stitches, as well as allowing for necessary stretch and/or drape for a successful project. Brenda walks you through each step of these projects, from beginning to end, demonstrating all the skills that you will need to know to complete each project successfully.

Additionally, all three projects featured in this class serve to showcase many tips and tricks for working with super bulky yarns. Because super bulky yarns vary widely in thickness and texture, Brenda also shows us how to adjust each pattern for a different gauge. This means substituting yarns is not a problem in this class! From creating neat and tidy edges with set-up rows and invisible joins, to techniques for blocking, you will learn loads of new skills for making your super bulky projects polished and beautiful!

In a bonus lesson, Brenda shares three more stitch patterns that are great for using with super bulky yarns. By the end of this class, you will have learned a total of 6 different stitch patterns perfect for those thicker yarns, and you will also gain an understanding of what kinds of stitch patterns work the best with super bulky yarns.

With over 2 ½ hours of clear video instruction, and three fashion-forward patterns included for hands-on experience, you will be well on your way to gaining a new understanding of how to use super bulky yarns to create fast, fabulous, and wearable projects every time!

Brenda K.B. Anderson

Brenda K. B. Anderson crochets, knits, and sews into the wee hours after her kids have gone to bed. She loves designing stuffies that make her laugh, and accessories that beg to be worn over and over again by her friends and family. Brenda is the author of Beastly Crochet and Crochet Ever After and also teaches a Craftsy Class: Crochet Mittens and Fingerless gloves. She has contributed to several books and numerous magazines and is the managing editor of the Creative Crochet Corner. She lives in a little house in Saint Paul, MN where it is sweater weather nine months of the year and blogs about her crafty adventures at

Brenda K.B. Anderson

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