Crochet Technique Toolkit

Shannon Leigh Roudhán
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Meet crochet designer Shannon Leigh Roudhán and learn more about the techniques you'll master. Shannon explains how to use your class: Watch it all the way through or skip to the skills you want to reference whenever you need a refresher!
A strong beginning leads to great results! Shannon demonstrates how to cast on without leaving an unsightly knot in your work, whether you're starting with a chain or in the round. That means fewer ends to weave in! You'll also review the qualities of a good pattern so you can select for success.
If you make a crocheted garment whose fit is important, you'll want to swatch first and check your gauge. Shannon explains how to "read" your swatch and do some simple calculations to determine whether your needle is the right size for your project and how much yarn you'll need.
Get a clean edge on any project with tidy foundation stitches that combine your first pattern stitches with the base chain, all in one go! Shannon shows how to create foundation single crochet, half-double, double crochet and slip stitches. Perfect for hems, cuffs and top-down necklines!
Master crochet decreases for a smooth angled or curved edge such as an armhole. See Shannon's high, low and centered variations on the double crochet two together, as well as right- and left-leaning decreases. Then master single crochet decreases. Shannon shows you how!
Use Shannon's techniques to create a professional-looking project! You'll see a great trick for avoiding gappy edges and how to add yarn at the beginning of a row or in the middle of your work, perfect for crochet Fair Isle or intarsia colorwork.
Shannon takes the pain out of the finishing process by showing you an end-cap finishing stitch that you can follow when weaving in ends, leaving no knots or unsightly lumps. If you're working in the round, duplicate stitch is the way to go, and it couldn't be easier when you have Shannon to guide you.
The locking mattress stitch is ideal for joining all kinds of seams in your crocheted garments -- it creates a secure join that is not bulky. Shannon demonstrates how to use this stitch to join side-to-side seams, top-to-top seams and top-to-side seams. A special version of the duplicate stitch finishes everything off!
8 Lessons
2  hrs 24  mins

Get set up for crochet success at every step! Join designer Shannon Leigh Roudhán to learn handy crochet techniques every crocheter should have in their toolkit. During class, Shannon will teach you how to cast on into a chain or in the round without leaving a knot in your work. With cast-ons covered, you’ll see how to set the stage for fabulous projects using swatching skills and simple math. Then, you’ll learn to create foundation stitches that bring a tidy edge to any project, before Shannon breaks down well-executed decreases step by step. When you move on, you’ll discover great methods for adding new yarn at any point in your project, and Shannon will show you how to join crocheted pieces with clean, easy seaming.

Shannon Leigh Roudhán

Shannon Leigh Roudhán and Jason Bowlsby, aka Shannon & Jason, have created award-winning crochet, knit, and sewing designs featured in publications around the world, and published 10 books of crochet and knitwear patterns. Shannon has been teaching for more than 20 years, and lives with Jason in Seattle with their three Shiba Inu.


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