Toni Lipsey

Four Weeks to Tunisian Mastery

Toni Lipsey
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Meet Toni Lipsey and learn about what you need to get started with Tunisian crochet. Toni explains what yarn and hooks you should have and shares some resources that will help you find and read Tunisian crochet patterns. Practice some patterns on your own before moving on the next week’s instructions.
The key to shaping lies in mastering increases and decreases. Toni walks you through how to do both, and teaches you how to do Tunisian crochet in the round.
With a variety of Tunisian stitch combinations in your toolkit, you’ll be ready to tackle any number of patterns — or design your own! Toni shares 10 of her favorite stitch patterns.
Conquer the curl and finish up your projects beautifully with Toni’s guidance.
4 Lessons
2  hrs 2  mins

Tunisian crochet creates a woven-like fabric that is fantastic for warmer makes. If you’ve already learned the basics of Tunisian crochet, here’s your chance to master the more advanced techniques and stitch patterns.

To learn the absolute basics of casting on and creating the Tunisian simple stitch, watch our video, “The Absolute Basics of Tunisian Crochet.”

In this Tunisian Mastery class, crochet designer Toni Lipsey breaks down the steps to create a variety of Tunisian stitches, plus increases, decreases and finishing options. You’ll also learn how to stitch in the round! You can use what is already in your stash to test out the stitches, though you might want to invest in a Tunisian crochet hook. The lingo for Tunisian is a bit different from the that used in regular crochet and Toni explains those terms as well.

In just four weeks (or fewer if you’re motivated!), master the ways of Tunisian crochet with Toni as your guide. As a bonus, you’ll have access to Toni’s Tunisian crochet pattern for the stunning Daydream Shawl.

Toni Lipsey

Toni Lipsey, the designer and instructor behind TL Yarn Crafts, strives to inspire creativity through online tutorials and modern, approachable crochet patterns. Toni learned to crochet from her mother as a teenager and has been exploring the possibilities of yarn ever since. Find her patterns on  

Toni Lipsey

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