Mary Beth Temple

Two-Color Crochet

Mary Beth Temple
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Meet Mary Beth Temple, your instructor and crochet designer. Mary Beth reviews what you’ll learn in this class.
In this session, Mary Beth teaches you how to work spike stitches. She demonstrates the technique by working a spike wave stitch, worked on a background of single crochet stitches.
Mary Beth teaches you how to work post stitches into a two-color crochet stitch pattern. The checkerboard stitch pattern demonstrated in this session really pops with the front post treble crochet stitches.
Shells are a quite common stitch motif in crochet. In this session, Mary Beth Temple teaches you how to work a two-color reversible shell pattern, perfect for scarves, shawls and baby blankets!
In this session, Mary Beth explains all the details you need to know for overlay crochet. Texture is built up in one color while the background stitches are filled in with a second color. This stitch pattern is interesting on both the right side and wrong side of the fabric.
5 Lessons
1  hrs 5  mins

Working in multiple colors in crochet can seem daunting. However, it doesn’t have to be that way! In this class, crochet expert Mary Beth Temple explores two-color crochet techniques that use only one color at a time. These stitch patterns are amazingly unique and surprisingly easy once Mary Beth explains how to work each one. Whether you’re a seasoned crocheter or someone new to the craft, let’s explore the world of two-color crochet.

In the first session, Mary Beth introduces you to the two-color technique and discusses all the ways it can be used. She especially likes to use these stitch patterns on cuffs, collars, and pockets, but she encourages you to try using them in unique ways on your own crochet pieces.

The first two-color crochet technique taught in this class is spike stitches. Worked on a background of single crochet, spike stitches can be used to create interesting designs on the fabric. Mary Beth demonstrates the spike waves stitch pattern, which is a great place to start your two-color crochet journey. From there, she looks at post stitches. Post stitches not only create fabulous texture on the fabric but can be used to create a beautiful two-color fabric. The final two sessions explore more advanced techniques. Mary Beth first explains how to work a beautiful reversible shell stitch pattern and ends the class with overlay crochet. Once you’ve completed this class, you’ll be able to add two-color crochet patterns to all your projects!

Mary Beth Temple

Mary Beth Temple is a long-time designer of knit, crochet and sewing patterns, and lover of any other type of craft that comes across her path! She can often be found crafting by the beach near her home in Wilmington, North Carolina, and makes no guarantees that there won’t be sand in her samples. With more than a dozen books to her name, Mary Beth is a prolific designer whose independent work can be found under her brand name Hooked for Life. You can check out her doings at, and from there visit her various social media outlets.

Mary Beth Temple

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