Top 3 Crochet Tools You Should Be Using

Looking to add some crochet tools and notions to your project bag? These are the top three crochet tools I can’t live without.

In my 22 years designing patterns (and 40+ crocheting in general), I can tell you that I have tried just about every brand of hook, tool, and case available. I thought I would share with you the top three products I use and have been using for a long time. I’ll share my reasons with you too!

1. Crochet Hooks

It may sounds like an obvious one, but finding the ever-elusive perfect crochet hook can seem impossible. In all my years of crochet, I have used every type of hook—metal, wood, and plastic—made by every brand from Boye to Lykke. For the last 10+ years, however, I have used only the Addi Color-Coded Comfort hooks from Addi by Selter.

I like these metal hooks because the yarn really slides smoothly, and the shaft of the hook is long enough to create many loops for clusters and bullions. The handles add a bit of heft so that my grip is relaxed and I can crochet longer. As an added bonus for me, I am a knife holder and tend to roll my hooks, so there is no thumb rest to prevent the rolling I do!

2. Hook Case

My absolute favorite case is my Grace’s Cases DPN/Crochet Hook Case. I have been using this same case now for 5 years.

It’s padded and washable (air dry) and will hold up to 13 hooks (more if you are putting in steel hooks). There is a little zipper on the outside to keep notions in. It is small enough to fit in any project bag! I just love it!

3. Multi-Tool Kit

If there is one item that is an absolute must-have, it’s the Akerworks Knitting Tool Kit. This is the perfect travel buddy for crocheters.

It comes with a gauge finder (the top clear plastic cross-shaped piece) and then the magnetic base includes travel scissors, tape measure, locking stitch markers, and tapestry needles. Along the edge of the base is a hook size gauge too when you aren’t sure what size your hook is!

I love adding my own markers and needles to it!

Crochet tools are probably the most personal items we use in our crafting, but all three of these are worth taking the time to try. They may just change the way you crochet!

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20 Responses to “Top 3 Crochet Tools You Should Be Using”

  1. Roz Walters

    One of my favourite tools, used in both knitting and crochet, are the Clover stitch markers. The ones that look like mini safety pins. I have tried other types, but always come back to those. I do quite a lot of amigurumi, so need to keep a track of where the beginning of the round is. I also find it useful for slipping the last stitch onto to stop the whole lot unravelling.

  2. Cynthia Smyrh

    Changing colors in the round

  3. Ruth

    Interested in learning how to crochet

  4. Connie

    I have never used a guage measure and that one looks easy to use.

  5. Snyder M Kathryn

    thank you for giving us your list of tools. might just look into them

  6. Guyan Linda

    I really like the pattern of the case.

  7. Novella Carpenter


  8. Suzanne Butler

    How do I buy these three items?

  9. Jean

    Love your helpful suggestions for supplies. I had never heard of them. Can you give me info on where I can get them? Thank you so much

  10. Christine Lapina

    Really love them they would be awesome to put with my collection. It would be some to when them. If I don't can you buy them any where?