6 Tips for Crocheting Lace

Want to crochet lace? Karen Whooley shares her tips and tricks for successfully crocheting lace projects of all kinds.

Making crochet lace is as easy as learning a new stitch pattern, but many crocheters seem to shy away from using the finer threads for different reasons. In this article, I’ll share six different ways to get on board using finer weights of yarn!

Tip 1: Don’t listen to the label!  
Usually, yarn weights dictate which hook size we should use. For example, with worsted weight yarns, the most common hook sizes used are G, H, and I. So, when we see lace weight yarns, we immediately think about our grandmothers with their size 6 steels and bedspread weight cotton and think, “No way, I can’t work with a hook that small!”

Well, what if I told you that you could use a size G with lace weight and get great results? Think of filmy lace the same way you do with a lace pattern in a blanket. The only difference is getting comfortable with a finer weight of yarn and learning to use a larger hook with it. PRACTICE is important!

Tip 2: The most important thing to remember when creating lace is to keep your work loose.  
It will be a whole lot easier to maintain your tension. You will get the right drape. Your fabric will get the larger holes that are inherent to lace.

Tip 3: Do not pull your yarn when completing a stitch.  
This will make your stitches too tight, which means that you will not be able to insert your hook into the stitch when you are working the next row.

Tip 4: Keep your starting chain LOOSE.  
Use a larger hook to create the foundation chain if necessary. Using foundation stitches also can help with this.

Tip 5: If you tend to crochet loosely to begin with, try not to crochet TOO loosely.  
Having your stitches too loose creates unsightly loops in the fabric that actually can catch on objects.

Tip 6: Remember, lace isn’t finished until you BLOCK it.  
Because the work is so loose, your finished project may look “unfinished”. This is absolutely normal. To rectify this, make sure you pin out the project and steam block it. You will be amazed at the difference!

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10 Responses to “6 Tips for Crocheting Lace”

  1. Elizabeth Meza

    I have always liked this type of crochet n I have done this when I get tired of regular yarn

  2. Elizabeth Meza

    I have always liked this type of crochet

  3. Mary Patton

    I am always learning so I am interested

  4. kathy baxter

    I always got frustrated when working with thread for lace because hook was so small so i am excited to try thix with a larger hook.

  5. Rebecca Cornish

    Lovely article. Very inspiring. I have yarn and will look for a pattern to execute. Thank you.

  6. Dianne

    Love the tips.

  7. Victoria

    By steam it what do you use like a cloths steamer thank u vicky

  8. elaine brits

    i would need these patterns

  9. Judy

    I started crochet with doilies because I wanted to make the beautiful ones like my grandma did. I crochet lace for years. I'm 74 now and wonder if I could begin again to crochet lace. I love it, it’s inexpensive, and makes great gifts for birthdays and holidays. Do they make steel hooks with ergonomic handles?

  10. Judith Sarach

    where is instruction for lace book corner?