Crochet Clothing and Gifts with Brenda K.B. Anderson 4-Class Set + Book


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Bundle: Crochet Clothing and Gifts with Brenda K.B. Anderson 4-Class Set + Book

Dive into the world of cozy creations with Brenda K.B. Anderson in this four-class set and learn how to crochet socks, gloves, hats, and more! Learn to make heartfelt handmade gifts for family, friends, babies, or even just for yourself, and unravel the secrets to crafting the cuddliest items that are sure to make them smile. Brenda will break down each project into easy-to-follow steps while sharing her tried-and-true tips for selecting the perfect yarn, nailing those color choices, and giving your creations a personal touch. Grab your hook and get ready to crochet thoughtful gifts with love in every stitch!

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Classes Included:

Crochet Baby Gifts for Beginners (2h 28m)
Making adorable crocheted baby accessories is easier than you think! If you are comfortable holding your crochet hook, and have learned how to make at least one or two of the basic stitches, then Brenda will teach you everything else you need to know to complete these two projects! After all, one of the best ways to learn, is to create! Follow along with Brenda as she demonstrates all of the skills you need to make these one-of-a-kind baby gifts!

The Bunny Beanie features a warm folded brim and the cutest little bunny ears you ever did see! It is worked both in turned rows, and in the round, with simple shaping. Thoughtfully constructed ears make the sewing easy, with polished results. The carrot is such a fun companion piece to the beanie; making the most adorable photo prop as well as a practical teether. This toy is the perfect skill-building introduction to the amazing world of crocheted amigurumi.

With over two hours of clear video instruction, Brenda will lead you through every step of each of these projects so that you can successfully complete this super-cute baby set! Brenda shares plenty of tips along the way for choosing the correct size, understanding gauge, reading a pattern, keeping track of your stitches, and weaving in yarn ends. By the end of the class you will have added the following skills to your crochet repertoire: working in turned rows, working in the round, working through the back loop to make a stretchy ribbing, seaming with a slip stitch, stitching along your row-ends, simple decreases and increases, basic amigurumi skills, sewing skills for crochet and more.

As an extra bonus, the Bunny Beanie is sized from newborn through Adult XL so that every-bunny in your family can wear one; hello family matching! What’s that you say? Daddy doesn’t want to wear the ears? That’s ok- just leave those off for a great basic beanie! These projects will not disappoint! Be the envy of every baby shower guest when you gift the Bunny Beanie and Carrot Teether to your loved ones!

Toe-Up Crochet Socks (1h 42m)
Have you ever wanted to crochet socks before? Maybe you’ve hesitated because you aren’t sure that they would be comfortable or fit well. Or maybe you just aren’t sure where to start. In this class crochet designer, Brenda K. B. Anderson, walks you through how to crochet a basic sock, from the toe up. This class is suitable for anyone looking to expand their crochet skills to sock-making- even those newer to crochet. If you are comfortable holding your hook, making basic stitches, and reading a simple crochet pattern, you will be able to learn to make basic socks by taking this class!

This class includes two patterns for socks in child and adult sizes: the Lakeside Cabin Socks, which are quick to make in a worsted weight yarn, and the Northwoods Socks, designed in a fingering weight yarn to fit inside your shoes. These two designs are constructed in the same way and use the same stitches. So you can learn how they are constructed while making the worsted weight socks first, and once you are comfortable with the process, you can work up the fingering version. Watch while Brenda creates the Lakeside Cabin Socks, step-by-step, and you will see how easy it can be to make your very own pair!

In this class you will learn two of Brenda’s favorite stitches for making a well-fitting sock: the extended single crochet, which is stretchy and smooth for the body of the sock, and her favorite kind of ribbing for ultimate stretch at the top of the sock. She will show you how to work in the round beginning with a foundation chain. You will see how to shape the heel gussets using increases and decreases and will learn about how to make simple modifications to the pattern for a better fit. Brenda gives you plenty of tips as she demonstrates how to create the join-as-you-go ribbing and an “afterthought-style” heel.

The projects that you will make from this class are truly a treat for your feet! With more than 1 ½ hours of clear video instruction, you’ll be making your own socks in no time!

Granny Square Wearables (2h 22m)
Granny Squares are wildly popular right now- and not just for blankets! Join Brenda K. B. Anderson as she demonstrates all you need to know to crochet your very own Granny Square Accessories set! This class includes two fun patterns: the Granny Square Confection Beanie and the matching Granny Square Confection Mitts.

The Beanie features 3 different sized granny squares, stitched together for a fun patchwork-like effect and a cute pompom. There are clear lay-out photos in the pattern for you to follow if you would like a similar color-pattern to Brenda’s sample, however, if you are looking to use up scarps of yarn, then this is the perfect project for you!

As an extra bonus- Brenda shows you her simple way of making an optional fleece lining to fit your hat. Don’t worry if you have little sewing experience; you don’t need a sewing machine or even sewing thread! The lining is hand-stitched together with yarn using a very simple technique that results in a smooth, stretchy lining without any bulky seam allowances! This way of creating fleece linings can be transferred to other hat projects too. The Beanie pattern comes in four adult sizes, but as Brenda explains in the video, many children will also fit the small or medium sizes included in this pattern.

The Granny Square Confection Mitts are a quick-to-make companion piece to the hat. They are stretchy and fit very well, thanks to the ribbed fabric. These fingerless mittens come in three adult sizes.

Brenda will walk you through making this charming accessories set with video demonstrations for every step along the way; from choosing the materials and creating each stitch, to blocking your projects for that professional finish. She shares plenty of tips and advice to help your projects look their best! With over 2 hours of clear video instruction, you will be well on your way to creating your very own Granny Square sets for yourself and your friends!

Crochet Mittens & Fingerless Gloves (2h 55m)
Are you looking to get hands-on with mitten making? Join designer Brenda Anderson to build on your skills and crochet classic mitten designs! With each design, you’ll learn how easy it is to make stunning mittens as you work through techniques for colorwork, cables, and more. Crochet an easy side-to-side fingerless glove that you can top off with a chevron design made of post stitches. Then try your hand at a colorwork mitten as you learn Brenda’s secret stitch for creating clean motifs that won’t drift. Finally, crochet a top-down mitten with a textured, braided cable for eye-catching allure. Brenda puts it all together with variations and personalizations that pair perfectly, no matter who it is you’re crocheting for. Join today to crochet projects you’ll be smitten with and get skills for amazing mittens and beyond!

A special addition to this class set includes:

The Hooktionary: A crochet dictionary of 150 modern tapestry crochet motifs
Create bold, modern and fun tapestry crochet designs with this unique crochet stitch dictionary! One of the most important tools in any crocheter’s toolbox is a stitch dictionary – an essential reference packed with possibilities. The Hooktionary is the first and only crochet stitch dictionary to feature tapestry crochet motifs. And it has personality to boot! From unicorns and bumblebees to bold, graphic designs, the 150 motifs this book includes are perfect for the modern maker. Plus, five ‘choose your own adventure’ projects allow you to mix and match motifs into one-of-a-kind designs that reflect your own tastes.

Your Instructor:

Brenda K.B. Anderson
Brenda K. B. Anderson crochets, knits, and sews into the wee hours after her kids have gone to bed. She loves designing stuffies that make her laugh, and accessories that beg to be worn over and over again by her friends and family. Brenda is the author of Beastly Crochet and Crochet Ever After and also teaches a Craftsy Class: Crochet Mittens and Fingerless gloves. She has contributed to several books and numerous magazines and is the managing editor of the Creative Crochet Corner. She lives in a little house in Saint Paul, MN where it is sweater weather nine months of the year and blogs about her crafty adventures at Craftsplosion.com.