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Adding a New Color to Your Project

Mister Domestic
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Duration:   3  mins

When working on a crochet project, the time often comes to change your ball of yarn. Whether you are working in one color and simply need more yarn, or you’re adding in a new, fun color, the process of adding the new ball of yarn is the same. In this video, avid crocheter Mister Domestic demonstrates how to change to a new color in your crochet project.

For the demonstration, Mister Domestic is using a super bulky yarn and is working in single crochet stitches. The process of changing to a new ball of yarn is the same for any weight of yarn and just about any stitch pattern. He changes to a new ball of yarn at the end of the row. This way, the ends will be woven in near the edge of the fabric, making for a clean and tidy piece of fabric.

Mister Domestic works the single crochet stitches up to the final stitch in the row with the old ball of yarn. He begins to work the last single crochet stitch, stopping before the final yarn over, pull through two loops step of the single crochet. He drops the old color and picks up the new color. Leaving a six-inch tail to weave in later, he uses the new color to complete the final yarn over and pulls through two loops.

Once the stitch is complete, he ties a loose knot using the tail of the old yarn and the tail of the new yarn. This is just to help keep everything secure while he continues to work the project; this knot will be undone at the end of the project and the ends will be woven into the fabric in the usual manner. He starts working the next row of single crochet, noting that a clean, crisp transition has been made between the colors.

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