Mister Domestic

Basic Shapes Used to Make Toys

Mister Domestic
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Duration:   26  mins

When making amigurumi, or small crocheted toys, there are several shapes that are commonly used to create these cute stuffies. In this video, crochet enthusiast Mister Domestic explores some of the common shapes used in the these toys, and shows you just how it easy it is to make a toy all on your own!

Most toy pieces start with a center magic ring and are worked outward. If following a specific amigurumi crochet pattern, it will tell you exactly what to do. Mister Domestic demonstrates how to make the magic ring and then starts making a sphere (or ball). This is created by working increases to make a flat circle. Once the desired circumference has been achieved, one single crochet is worked into each stitch for the several once. Invisible decreases are used to complete the sphere, following the same formula for the decreasing that was used for increasing. Once the sphere is complete, it’s fastened off.

Mister Domestic then explores a few other shapes, all of which start in a similar manner:

  • Oval
  • Cylinder
  • Teardrop of conical

He works all these shapes in single crochet, as that is most commonly used when crocheting amigurumi projects or other small toys. He notes that all of them are constructed in a similar manner—it’s really just the rates of increasing and decreasing that form the different shapes.

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