Bobble Stitch

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Duration: 4:35

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Bobble stitches are stitches that provide a ton of texture to your crochet project as they pop way out from the base fabric. In this video, Mary Beth Temple demonstrates the basic construction of a bobble stitch. While there are many variations of this stitch, the method of creating the stitch is the same. Mary Beth looks at creating a five-stitch bobble, as that is her preference when it comes to making these stitches.

A bobble is created by starting a double crochet and stopping before the stitch is complete to start working the next double crochet. Often, these bobbles are creating with 3, 5, or 7 stitches. The specific pattern you are following will tell you exactly what to do.


To create the five-stitch bobble, Mary Beth follows these steps, working on the Wrong Side of the fabric:

  1. Work a double crochet into next stitch, stopping before the final yarn over pull through two (2 loops on hook)
  2. Work step 1 another 4 times in the same stitch (6 loops on hook).
  3. Yarn over and pull through all 6 loops to finish the bobble, angling the hook down as you pull through (1 loop remains on the hook).

Sometimes a chain one is added at the end of bobble to end the stitch neatly. Again, Mary Beth notes that the specific pattern you are following will tell you what to do. Frequently, a pattern will have single crochet stitches in between the bobble stitches, to help the bobble stick out even more. In the video, Mary Beth adds a couple of double crochet stitches and then works another bobble stitch.

Mary Beth looks at the fabric, noting that she was working on the Wrong Side and that the bobbles are popping out to the Right Side. Often bobble stitch patterns will have a row of plain stitching in between, since the bobble naturally pushes to one side of the fabric. If they are worked every row, bobbles will appear on both sides of the fabric.