Rebecca Velasquez

Changing Colors on Your Project Mid-Row

Rebecca Velasquez
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Duration:   3  mins

Changing colors mid-row in your crochet project may seem like a complicated task, but it’s not that difficult. In this video, crochet expert Rebecca Velasquez demonstrates how to change the color on your project in the middle of a row. After this lesson, you’ll be ready to make the most colorful of crochet projects!

Rebecca works double crochet up to the last stitch of the current color. She works the final stitch up to the point where the final two loops are on the hook. She notes the exception to this rule is the half double crochet stitch– if working that stitch, three loops will remain on the hook. Since she is working in double crochet, two loops remain on the hook with the first color. She drops the first color and picks up the new color. Using the new yarn only, she works a yarn over and pull through the final two loops to complete the double crochet stitch.

The stitch where this color change happens can sometimes appear and feel to be a little loose. Rebecca recommends holding both yarn tails to the back as you continue to crochet with the new color in order to help things remain more secure. She takes a closer look at the color change worked on the double crochet fabric, noting that changing colors in this way is a nice nearly seamless technique to add a new color into your project.

The video ends with Rebecca discussing how to weave in the ends on a project with multiple colors. She notes that it’s important to work the ends into their respective colors. If the stitch where the color change happened is still a little loose, give a slight tug on the yarn tails before weaving them in in order to adjust the tension of that stitch.

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2 Responses to “Changing Colors on Your Project Mid-Row”

  1. Annie Blackburn

    I’m in midst of a graphghan. Was managing my colour changes without issues until I reached section where I changed colour but then only worked a single stitch in new colour. Try as I might I just can’t get it to look right. Any tips.

  2. Pat

    No sound

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