Marly Bird

Crochet Dimensional Flowers

Marly Bird
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Duration:   10  mins

Want your crochet to pop? Add dimension to double crochet with lovely flowers that seem to float on your background. Designer Marly Bird starts with flower placement before showing you how to create flowers within the pattern row. These flowers not only add color to your project, but they also add dimension, bringing a new level of interest and design possibilities.

Marly begins by discussing flower placement. She suggests using graph paper if you are designing something yourself with these crochet dimensional flowers. She notes that each flower takes up a total of six double crochet stitches, the flowers are the equivalent of being three double crochet stitches wide and two double crochet rows tall. The flower will be worked on row and on the next row chains will be added behind the flower.

Working on a background of double crochet fabric, Marly works a row where the flowers are being created. She double crochets to the point where she wants to add the flower. She skips the next stitch and works a double crochet, chain 1, half double crochet into the next stitch. She then begins working the four petals for the flower, which she creates with treble crochet stitches. Once the flower is complete, she skips the next stitch and goes back to working double crochet stitches to the point where she wants to add the next flower.

In the swatch, Marly works the flower row all in the same color. This creates not only the flowers, but also a stripe, which is a nice design detail. She then reviews a few swatches, explaining how to incorporate color into your own project. You can work the background fabric and flowers all in the same color for a subtle flower effect. She also shows a swatch where the background fabric is worked in one color and a new color is introduced just to work the flower, which makes the flowers really pop!

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