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Crochet a Flower Bookmark

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Duration:   7  mins

In this video, Valeria Torres demonstrates how to crochet an adorable flower-shaped bookmark. You will need 3 colors of yarn, and any crochet hook that will give you a fairly firm gauge.

Flower center

Round 1: Valeria begins with a magic ring (or adjustable loop), and then works 7 SC into the ring, closes the magic ring, then joins with a sl st to the first SC of the round.

Round 2: 2 SC are made into the first st of the round, Valeria marks the first stitch with a stitch marker. Valeria makes 2 SC into each of the remaining 6 stitches of the round. There are now 14 stitches around. At the end of this round Valeria changes to the white color by inserting her hook into the first SC of the round, making a yarn-over with the new (white) color, and pulling this new color through the stitch and through the look on her hook to create a sl st.


Round 3: This round begins with 5 chains, then a triple (treble) crochet is worked into the same stitch where the join was made. Another 5 chains are made, and then Valeria works a sl st again, into the same stitch. The first petal has been completed. Valeria repeats this process around the flower, making a (sl st, ch 5, tr, ch 5, sl st) into each of the remaining 6 sts of the round. At the end of the round, Valeria cuts the yarn and fastens off.


Valeria instructs us to make a chain, with 50 chain sts, for the stem. She demonstrates how to use liquid silicon to attach the stem to the wrong side of the flower center. She also uses the silicon to glue the trimmed yarn tails to the back of the flower.

And that’s it! This quick and fun project is a great way turn those yarn scraps into something beautiful and useful. Make them in a variety of colors and give them as gifts or keep them for yourself.

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