Corrina Ferguson

Crocheting Over Ends

Corrina Ferguson
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Duration:   3  mins

Crocheting over your yarn ends is an easy way to hide your ends into a crochet project. In this video, crochet expert Corrina Ferguson demonstrates just how simple this technique is for your next project. It hides the ends nicely, even when changing colors.

Corrina has a swatch of double crochet, worked in two colors. When she changes colors, she simply puts the ends along the top of the row of stitches just worked. As she works the double crochet stitches, she is sure to capture them into the stitch so that they are secured. She works several stitches crocheting over the ends in this manner.

For extra security, Corrina still likes to weave in the tails after crocheting over the ends. This is an optional step – you can also simply trim the ends after crocheting over the yarn tails. If you decide to just trim the ends and not further weave in the ends, you do run the risk of the yarn tails coming out over time.

Do you like to crochet over your ends? Or do you weave them in? Maybe a combination of both?

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2 Responses to “Crocheting Over Ends”

  1. Margaret Cross Brooks

    Are you saying that in an afghan, you carry the ends all the way across, or can you cut off shortly after you have the process started?

  2. zahra

    hello. good to see you. these are easy to follow.

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