Foundation Single Crochet

Duration: 7:11

Foundation single crochet is a method of working the foundation chain while also adding single crochet stitches to the first row of your project at the same time. It creates a nice elasticity to the starting edge of the crochet fabric, making it a great technique to use if you find that your starting chain and first row of crochet stitches are a little too tight. In this video, Mary Beth Temple demonstrates how to work foundation single crochet.

Mary Beth begins by chaining two stitches and then inserting the hook into the second chain from the hook and working a single crochet stitch. She then inserts her hook under the stitch just created, works a yarn over and pulls through a loop (two loops on hook). She then creates one chain by working a yarn over and drawing through one loop – two loops are still on the hook. She completes the single crochet by doing a yarn over and pulling through two loops. Mary Beth continues the foundation single crochet by following these steps:

  1. Insert hook under two legs of the chain that is under the stitch just created
  2. Yarn over and pull through a loop – two loops on hook
  3. Chain 1 – two loops are still on the hook
  4. Yarn over and pull through two loops to complete the single crochet

The four steps are repeated for several more stitches. Once the stitches are complete, Mary Beth discusses some of the advantages to using foundation single crochet. Not only is it stretchier than a traditional foundation chain, but it also is a great technique for joining pieces together or adding an edging onto your project.

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2 Responses to “Foundation Single Crochet”
  1. Julia Vedders
    Julia Vedders

    Do you have any videos for doing foundation row crochet with extended stitches like extended single crochet?