Mister Domestic

Granny Hexagons

Mister Domestic
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Duration:   7  mins

For many crocheters, there’s nothing more fun than the crocheted granny square. There are so many possibilities with this class motif, making it one that every crocheter should know. Granny motifs go beyond just the humble square—you can make all sorts of shapes following the traditional granny square conventions. In this video, Mister Domestic demonstrates how to add two more sides to the granny square and shows you how to crochet a granny hexagon.

To begin, Mister Domestic chains five stitches and slip stitches into the first chain to form it into a ring. He then starts working chains and three double-crochet groups into the ring. This first round is finished off by slip stitching into the top of starting chain to join.

For the next round, he follows a similar pattern to round one. Chain-one stitches are used along the sides of the hexagons, while two-stitch chains are used for the corners. The double crochet groups are worked in the chain spaces. Once again, the final step of the round is to slip stitch to the top of the starting chain to join. All subsequent rounds are worked in the same manner, maintaining the chain-one stitches along the sides and chain-two stitches in the corners. The beauty of the crocheted granny hexagon is that once the shape is set up, it’s easy to make it as big as you like. Add a border, attaches several hexagons together—the choice is yours!

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