How to End Off

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Once a crochet project is complete, it is time to end off (or fasten off) the piece. This is the process of removing the working yarn from the project and securing the yarn tail in place. In this video, Mary Beth Temple explains how to end off a crochet project.

Once the final stitch of a project has been worked, the yarn is cut from the working ball of yarn. Mary Beth suggests leaving a tail of at least four to size inches in length in order to have a long enough tail to weave in the ends later. Once the yarn is trimmed, there are two ways to secure the yarn:

  1. Yarn over and pull the yarn over through the final loop. Tug on the yarn slightly to secure.
  2. Pull the cut end of yarn through the final loop.

Either method will fasten off the piece. Mary Beth prefers the first method, as it is more secure and won’t easily come undone. The second method is a little looser, meaning that it is extra important to securely weave in the end when using that method.

Mary Beth notes that if you are using the yarn tail to seam a project (like for a crocheted baby sweater or toy) you may need a much longer tail at the end of the project to use for the seam. No matter which method you choose for ending off your crochet project, your project is complete and ready for the final finishing steps.

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