Joining a New Ball of Yarn to a Project

Duration: 3:54

For many crochet projects, at some point, you’re going to run out of yarn and need to join a new ball to continue. If you’re new to the craft, it might seem a little confusing on how to join a new ball of yarn to a crochet project, but it’s amazingly simple. In this video, Rebecca Velasquez explains how to join a new ball of yarn so that you can get back to working on your beautiful project.

Rebecca likes to use a technique that is both easy and nearly invisible. This technique will work at any point in your project, even mid-row. She is working on a swatch of double crochet stitches, but you can use this method for whatever crochet stitch you are creating in your project. When she is about to run out of yarn, Rebecca places the tail of the new yarn in the opposite direction of the current working yarn. With the old yarn she works a yarn over and inserts the crochet hook into the next stitch. She picks up the new yarn and adds it alongside the old yarn and pulls both through the stitch. At this point, Rebecca drops the old yarn and completes the stitch with the new yarn. The new yarn is attached, and she can continue to work her double crochet swatch with the new yarn.

Once the project is complete, the yarn tails can be woven into the project. If done carefully, this method of joining a new ball of yarn is nearly invisible and your project will look tidy and polished!

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