Corrina Ferguson

Magic Fasten Off

Corrina Ferguson
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Duration:   2  mins

There are so many little tips and tricks to learn in crochet. Each one will help make your crochet projects easier and even help you to give your finished item a cleaner, more polished look. The magic fasten off is one of those techniques that can really take your crochet up a notch. When used for finishing an amigurumi part, you’ll have a nice, clean finish to the top of your toy. In this video, Corrina Ferguson demonstrates how to work the magic fasten off.

Corrina begins by pointing out that this technique is perfect for closing small diameters in crochet. It’s used on a variety of items like balls, amigurumi toys, and the tops of hats. She likes it in particular for amigurumi because this fasten off mimics the magic loop that is often used to start a toy.

To complete the magic fasten off, Corrina follows these steps:

  1. Thread a yarn tail, approximately six to eight inches in length, onto a blunt-tip tapestry needle.
  2. Catch the front loop (the loop closest to you) on each of the stitches, by bringing the tapestry needle under the leg and up through the center of the stitch.
  3. Once back at the beginning, pull tight to close.
  4. Weave in ends, bringing yarn tail into the center of the piece to hide.

Once the magic fasten off is complete, Corrina compares it to the starting magic loop on the ball toy. She notes that they both look remarkably similar, making this the perfect way to finish a project.

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