Mary Beth Temple

Pattern Reading Basics

Mary Beth Temple
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Duration:   6  mins

Whether starting a crochet baby blanket pattern or a crochet sock pattern, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to work through the pattern instructions. In this video, crochet expert Mary Beth Temple demystifies crochet patterns and explains each section of the pattern as well as shares her tips for successfully following a crochet pattern.

Mary Beth begins by looking at the first page of a pattern. She notes that the first page of this particular pattern contains a photo, along with the title and the name of the designer. The skill level is also listed on the pattern example in the video. Mary Beth mentions that the crochet skill level is just a suggestion. Don’t be afraid to try something a little above your skill level when deciding on a crochet pattern to make.

The next page of the pattern lists the crochet abbreviations. To avoid having a lengthy pattern, abbreviations are used in order to make the pattern easier to read. Sometimes there is also a section called special stitches, which is used to explain more complicated stitches, like shells or clusters. Mary Beth then reviews the remaining sections before the actual pattern instructions:

  • Finished Sizes
  • Materials, including yarn and hook
  • Gauge
  • Pattern Notes
  • Schematics

Mary Beth then explores the instructions for the crochet pattern. She notes that the instructions may have different sections in order to make the pattern easier to read and follow. For example, if working on a crocheted sweater, the pattern instructions may have sections such as “front,” “back,” and “sleeves.” She also reviews how to read a row in a crochet pattern, which may include special characters like parentheses and asterisks. The final section of the pattern is “Finishing.” This part of the pattern will include instructions for blocking, seaming, edges or fringe – anything that needs to be completed in order to fully finish the project.

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3 Responses to “Pattern Reading Basics”

  1. Ursa Worlds

    What is blocking? Thanks

  2. Candace Austin

    Multi-color baby yarn

  3. Pat

    What are the sizes you mentioned? Are they bust sizes? Is there a length measure? Thank you

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