Corrina Ferguson

Everything You Need to Know About Scissors

Corrina Ferguson
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Duration:   3  mins

Once you’ve learned the crochet basics, there are a few extra tools that you’ll need to complete your projects. In this video, Corrina Ferguson discusses all things scissors. Since many people like to travel with their crochet, Corrina will also discuss the best travel scissors so that you’re ready to complete your next crochet project at any time.

Scissors, like many crochet notions, are all about personal preference. If you’re traveling with your crochet project, having a small foldable pair of scissors or even a pair of nail clippers work well for cutting your yarn. There are also small scissors with covers, which are great for protecting your crochet when the scissors are in the same bag as your crochet project. Any pair of scissors will work for cutting your yarn, and it’s all about finding the pair of scissors you are most comfortable using and putting in your crochet bag.

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