Jen Lucas

Single Crochet Decrease

Jen Lucas
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Duration:   5  mins

The single crochet stitch is commonly one of the first stitches that is mastered when learning to crochet. Amigurumi toys and baby sweaters can easily be made knowing just this one stitch. If making one of these projects, or a variety of other projects, decreases may need to be used in order to shape the piece. In this video, Jen Lucas demonstrates how to work a single crochet decrease, also known as a single crochet two together (sc2tog).

To begin, Jen reviews how to work a single crochet stitch. She then works a single crochet decrease following these steps:

  1. Insert hook into stitch, yarn over, and pull through a loop (2 loops on hook).
  2. Insert hook into the next stitch, yarn over, and pull through a loop (3 loops on the hook).
  3. Yarn over and draw through all three loops on the hook (1 loop remains on hook, single crochet decrease is complete).

Jen works another single crochet stitch and then demonstrates the decrease again. She notes that there are different ways the single crochet decrease may be abbreviated in your pattern. It is commonly abbreviated as sc2tog (single crochet two together). It may also be seen as sc dec (single crochet decrease), or simply as dec (decrease). It’s important to always check the pattern abbreviations or special stitches section so you know when the stitch needs to be worked.

This video uses US crochet terminology.

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2 Responses to “Single Crochet Decrease”

  1. Alheri Sadauki Auta

    I love it

  2. Marie Andersson

    You shows all the basic steps so clear and repeats a several times too, thank´s a lot you are the best!!

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