Corrina Ferguson

Spike Stitch Edging

Corrina Ferguson
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Duration:   5  mins

The spike stitch, also sometimes referred to as the blanket stitch, is an easy crochet edging that takes your project up a notch. While it is most commonly used on blankets, you can use spike stitch edgings on just about anything. For example, it would look adorable worked along the edges of a crocheted baby sweater! In this video, Corrina Ferguson demonstrates the basics of spike stitch edging.

The spike stitch is a single crochet stitch that has been elongated by working further down into the fabric to create a long stitch. For the video, Corrina is working the spike stitch two rows down (or two stitches in on the sides), every third stitch all the way around the piece.

Corrina notes that you can make the spike stitches as long as you like when working this edging. There are a couple of considerations for extra-elongated spike stitches:

  • They may snag or get caught on things
  • Be careful to stretch the stitch back up to the top of fabric when working – the longer the stitch, the easier it is for it to pucker.

When turning the corners, Corrina simply works three single crochet stitches into the corners. There are spike stitches on each side to frame the corner. Once the spike stitch edging is complete, it can be joined to the beginning with a slip stitch.

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