Mary Beth Temple

Tailored Edging

Mary Beth Temple
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Duration:   5  mins

This tailored edging makes for a neat finish for a blanket, sweater, scarf shawl or most other crochet projects. It is simple, easy to do, and does not require a certain stitch multiple. It can be worked straight or in the round.

Mary Beth begins by showing us how to make a single crochet border around her sample. She points out that in order to create an edging that will lie flat, you need to add extra stitches at the corners. At the end of the round she makes a slip stitch join.

On the next round Mary Beth makes a beginning chain-2, then she places a HDC into each stitch around, making 3 HDC into each corner stitch. She further explains that you may need to use 5 HDC at the corner in order to make it lay flat; you will just need to see which way turns out better for your project. The end of the round is joined with a slip stitch, and then a ch-2 turning chain.

The work is then turned so the the WS is facing. In the last round, Mary Beth works a round of HDC stitches into the horizontal bar (also called the 3rd bar or the back bar) of each of the stitches from the previous round. She does this by first making a yarn-over, then inserting her hook from bottom to top under that horizontal bar, then completing a regular HDC stitch.

This simple, yet beautiful edging is not only a lovely addition to your crochet pieces, but it is also great for adding to knitted items as well, since the exposed lines of Vs mimic stockinette stitch.

What will you use this edging for? Tell us in the comments below!

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