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Traditional Granny Square

Mister Domestic
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Duration:   7  mins

A crochet granny square is a classic pattern that has many uses. They are perfect for projects like crocheted granny square blankets and pillows. In this video, Mister Domestic demonstrates how to make a traditional granny square.

Mister Domestic begins by noting that all you really need to know to compete a crochet granny square is double crochet, chain, and slip stitch. He begins by placing a slip knot on the hook and chaining four stitches. He slip stitches into the first chain to create a starter loop (or ring). He then works the first round by working groupings of three double crochets with chain spaces in between. Once this round is complete, he slip stitches into the top of the beginning chain. The first round is complete.

Without turning, Mister Domestic starts the next round with a chain three, which counts a double crochet. He works around by creating groupings of double crochets with chain spaces in between. Along the sides a chain-1 is used, in the corners a chain-2 is used. Once this round is complete, a slip stitch once again joins the round.

For the third round, Mister Domestic discusses how the square is constructed and how to make the granny square larger if desired. Once the granny square pattern is established, it’s easy to continue working subsequent rounds to reach the desired size. This particular crocheted granny square is worked all in one color, but it would be interesting to explore working a square in different colors and seaming them together to make a colorful crocheted granny square blanket.

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3 Responses to “Traditional Granny Square”

  1. Gabriela Castañeda

    Loved the super clear explanation!! Thank you!

  2. Sharon parsonage

    do you have any tutorials on making the whole granny square? Not stopping after just 3 rows

  3. Vickie Walls

    I've made grannies before but in a diff way and I have to say that I like your way better. I like that it hides the beginning chain 3.

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