Mary Beth Temple

Tunisian Double Crochet

Mary Beth Temple
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Duration:   3  mins

In this video, Mary Beth Temple demonstrates how to crochet the Tunisian Double Crochet stitch. This stitch pattern is not commonly worked in rows, but is an important stitch to learn as it is an important component of many of many other more advanced Tunisian stitch patterns.

This stitch pattern can be started by making any number of stitches, and working a forward pass and return pass of the Tunisian Simple stitch foundation row.

Forward pass: Mary Beth begins by chaining 3 for a beginning chain (much like regular double crochet), but notes that you could alternatively chain 2 if you prefer a shorter beginning chain. *She makes a yarn-over, then inserts the hook from right to left (or left to right for left-handed crocheters) under the first vertical bar, makes another yo, then draws that loop through the vertical bar. She then makes a yo and draws through two of the loops on the hook (there are now two loops on the hook). Mark Beth then repeats the same steps from * working through the next vertical bar (there are now three loops on the hook). This same sequence is repeated across the row, adding one loop to the hook each time, until each of the vertical bars have been worked. Tip: On the very last vertical bar of the row, Mary Beth inserts her hook under the vertical bar as well as the vertical loop right behind it, for a neater edge.

Return pass (This is worked the same as the return pass for the Tunisian Simple Stitch): yo, and pull through one loop on the hook, *yo and pull through two loops, repeat from * across until only one loop remains on the hook.

Repeat Forward pass and return pass for pattern.

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