Turning Chains

Duration: 5:36

When you see a chain at the start of a row, what does that mean? Does it count as a stitch or is it simply a turning chain? In this video, Corrina Ferguson explores turning chains and explains how they work in your crochet pattern.

Corrina begins by explaining the standard for turning chains:

  • Chain 1 for single crochet
  • Chain 2 for half double crochet
  • Chain 3 for double crochet
  • Chain 4 for treble crochet

Patterns will typically follow this convention, with the turning chain corresponding to the type of stitch you’ll be working in the row. Corrina notes that there are exceptions to the rule. For example, she learned to chain two stitches for single crochet. Be sure to check your pattern and follow the instructions given.

With a swatch of double crochet stitches, Corrina then explains how a turning chain can count as a stitch. A crochet pattern will indicate whether of not the chain counts as a stitch. For her swatch, if the turning chain of three stitches counts as stitch, she does not work into the very first stitch, instead working the double crochet into the next stitch. If the chain does not count as a stitch, then a double crochet is worked into the first stitch. Corrina notes that most of the time, the chain-one of for a single crochet does not count as a stitch. It’s simply a small turning chain.

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