Rebecca Velasquez

How to Weave in Ends as You Go

Rebecca Velasquez
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Duration:   10  mins

Do you hate to weave in ends on your crochet projects? Dealing with all your yarn tails doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In fact, it’s possible to secure your ends in as you go! In this video, Rebecca Velasquez demonstrates how she likes to weave in ends on a project as she goes.

This method of weaving in ends works best when working in the same color yarn for the entirety of the project. When done all in one color, the yarn tails are nearly invisible in the fabric. Rebecca demonstrates this technique using two colors, in order for you to better see and understand the process of weaving in ends in the manner demonstrated.

Rebecca begins with a swatch of double crochet. She has run out of yarn mid-row, and she picks up the new ball of yarn. She starts working the next double crochet stitch, first picking up both the old and new yarn, then the new yarn tail and the new working yarn, and finally the working yarn only. This secures all the tails and the new yarn within that one double crochet stitch. Once the new yarn is secure, she moves the tails of both the old and new yarns as she is working her stitches. By moving the tails back and forth and catching them in the stitches, it not only weaves them in, but also further secures them. She also demonstrates how to carry a tail up to the next row if you want to weave in the end further for extra security.

How do you like to weave in your ends on your crochet project?

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4 Responses to “How to Weave in Ends as You Go”

  1. Chris

    What a convoluted way to weave in ends as you go, and you can see the grey end throughout the new pink yarn. When I weave them across the back of the work you wouldn't see the grey end through to the front, and the back would look pretty good too. I think your method would put off those people just learning to crochet.

  2. Holly McDuffee

    I was wondering if this method would work on an afghan with spaces in between stitches? The stitches are V-Stitch, Shell with single crochets in between, Decrease, and Clusters.

  3. Diane


  4. Cecelia

    Very interesting Rebecca. Thank you!

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