Mister Domestic

Working with Multiple Yarns Held Together

Mister Domestic
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Duration:   3  mins

With so many yarns to choose from, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to decide which ones to use in a project. Why not combine yarns and hold them together as you crochet to create something totally unique? In this video, Mister Domestic talks about working with multiple yarns held together and demonstrates combining yarns to make beautiful, crocheted fabric.

Yarns might be combined for a variety of reasons. Combine a smooth yarn with a yarn like mohair or angora to add a nice “halo” to your project. Hold the same yarn together in different colors to create a mottled effect in your piece. There are so many ways that you can experiment with holding multiple yarns together.

It’s important when you are combining yarns for a crochet project, to go up a few crochet hook sizes. For example, Mister Domestic was using a yarn that called for a 6.0 mm crochet hook. He used a 9.0 mm crochet hook when combining yarns together.

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