Dahlia Card with Face Scrubbies!

Looking for a cute, practical, and quick gift idea? Make one of these adorable cards to show you care! The flowers actually double as crocheted face scrubbies that the lucky recipient can easily detach and use! This would be a fabulous gift to pair with a pretty soap or nice bottle of face wash.

You will need the following materials:

  • Downloaded copy of the Dahlia Face Scrubbies pattern (from Spa Day: Relax and Craft)
  • • About 40 yards of a DK or sport weight cotton yarn per scrubbie. (This is a great chance to use up scraps!)
  • • Size E [3.5mm] crochet hook, or any size that results in a scrubbie with a firm gauge that looks good
  • • Yarn needle
  • • Removeable stitch markers
  • • 2 pieces of construction paper or other medium weight paper. I used a blue sheet for the outside and a white sheet for the inside, but feel free to choose other colors. You could use two white pieces of paper (or even one thick piece of paper instead).
  • • Markers, colored pencils, or watercolor paint

How to Make the Card:

  1. First, crochet about three of the Dahlia Face Scrubbies. You can download the free pattern for this project, as well as five other spa-related projects available here on Creative Crochet Corner. A live tutorial for this collection can be found here.

    I used one DK (#3) weight yarn for the lavender/pink scrubbie, and sport weight yarn (#2) for each of the other two scrubbies. All the yarn I used were 100% cotton. I liked having the variety of size and color!

  1. After you have completed your scrubbies, take two pieces of paper, stack them on top of each other, and fold them in half.

  1. Place the scrubbies onto the folded card. Using a pencil, mark the center of each flower onto the front of the card. It’s okay if the scrubbies overlap a bit.

  1. Next, use markers, colored pencils, or watercolor paints to draw lines for the stems and add some leaves. I added some extra texture to look like grass as well.

  1. Place the scrubbies back onto the card one at a time, and stitch them into place through the front of the card using a yarn needle and scrap pieces of yarn. First, insert the needle from the inside of the card through both layers of paper (the blue and the white), then through the back side of the scrubbie. Then, make a long stitch across the center of the flower, and push the needle back down through the scrubbie to the inside of the card. Tie the yarn ends into a knot inside the card. Repeat for the other flowers.

  1. Write your message inside the card, and be sure to let the recipient know that they can remove and use the scrubbies!

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  1. Bernice Miller

    I crocheted the golden girls.