Linda Permann

Crochet Buttonholes & Button Bands

Linda Permann
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Duration:   22  mins

Crochet designer Linda Permann shares three different methods for making buttonholes, then walks you through the process of designing and spacing your buttonholes on a button band. With Linda’s simple formulas and step-by-step guidance, you’ll see how easily you can create professional-looking cardigans, button-up vests and more!

Linda begins by exploring three different ways to make a buttonhole:

  1. Chain a few stitches (dependent on button size), skipping the corresponding stitches and then continue in pattern. On the next row, work into the chain (instead of the chain space) in order to create a neater and sturdier buttonhole.
  2. A scalloped buttonhole is created by working a variation of a 5-stitch double crochet shell. Working all in one stitch, add 2 double crochets, chain 1, add 2 more double crochets. By adding the chain at the center of the shell, a decorative buttonhole is created.
  3. The chain loop method is done by simply adding chains along the final row of the piece. Work chains, skipping the same number of stitches before continuing in pattern to the next buttonhole. This is worked on the last row, so the loops are right along the edge. This method is perfect for larger buttons.

In addition to the looking at the math on how to evenly space out the buttonholes, Linda demonstrates two ways to attach buttons to a project. First, she sews on a button. To ensure that the button isn’t too close to the fabric, she sews the button with a toothpick held underneath it to help create a little space. She then demonstrates how to crochet a button in place, which is the perfect method for attaching buttons when using a lightweight, shanked button.

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