Brenda K.B. Anderson

Crochet a Puff Stitch Cowl

Brenda K.B. Anderson
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Duration:   25  mins

In this video, Brenda K. B. Anderson walks us through how to crochet the Puff Love Cowl project. This pattern is a free download! This cowl uses a bulky weight yarn (CYCA #5). Brenda notes that this pattern needs to be worked over an odd number of stitches in order for the Puff Stitch pattern to work. She chains an even amount (the last chain is a turning chain and does not count as a stitch) and works single crochet stitches across the bottom of her chain for the set-up row.

Brenda shows us how to begin working in the round, and she continues working in single crochet, but only through the front loop of each stitch this time. Next, Brenda demonstrates how to make the self-hemmed edge, folding her work and lining up the foundation chain directly behind the working round. She stitches the two layers together using single crochet stitches.

Brenda notes how it is important at this point to have an odd number of stitches. She counts her stitches and discovers that she has an even amount, so she adds one extra single crochet stitch into the same stitch as the last stitch was made to correct the problem. Next, Brenda changes to a larger hook and shows us how to work in the Puff Stitch pattern. She makes a puff stitch, then makes a chain and skips a stitch, and repeats this sequence around the cowl.

To make it easier to get your hook through all of the loops in a puff stitch, Brenda directs us to pull up a bit on our hook, elongating each loop as we make them. After the puff stitch section is complete, Brenda switches back to the smaller hook and shows us how to make a round of single crochet stitches. She works a few more rounds, once again working only into the front loop of each stitch.

Lastly, Brenda shows us how to make another self-hemmed edge by crocheting through two layers, but with a slip stitch this time. She shares her simple technique for avoiding tight slip stitches, a common problem when working in this stitch pattern.

Click Here for the Free Pattern Download

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