Linda Permann

Crocheted Earrings

Linda Permann
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Duration:   25  mins

Make simple and elegant earrings and see how different yarns can change their look. Crochet designer Linda Permann’s instructions include how to add earring wires. In this video, Linda demonstrates how to make these cute earrings using a worsted weight yarn. She notes that these earrings can also easily be made with a small crochet hook and embroidery floss, for a daintier and more elegant look.

She begins by chaining a large number of stitches and then slip stitching into the first chain to join the chain into a ring. She marks the beginning of the round with a split-ring stitch marker so that she doesn’t lose her place. She then works twenty-eight single crochet stitches into the ring and finishes the round by slip stitching into the first single crochet.

On the next round of the earring, the chain details are added. Linda works chains and single crochets to create the little loops at the bottom of the earrings. She then adds slip stitches along the other side of the earring in order to create more stability. A chain is added to the top of the earring for the earring wires.

Once the earring is complete, Linda reviews how to weave in the ends and block the earrings into shape. She then adds the hardware to the earring, demonstrating how to attach two different kinds of earring wire. With the earring complete, she shares her ideas on how to present these cute crochet accessories as a gift!

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