Easy Crochet Hat with Yarn Over Slip Stitch Ribbing

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Duration: 15:21

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Looking for an easy crocheted hat pattern? The Ribbed Watch Cap by Brenda K.B. Anderson is the perfect hat to practice the unique yarn over slip stitch ribbing stitch pattern. In this video, she explains step-by-step how to crochet this textured, stretchy hat.

To begin, Brenda notes that it’s important to start with a gauge swatch. This hat pattern is written for three sizes, and you’ll want to make sure that your hat fits properly. In addition to ensuring the fit of the hat, making a gauge swatch is the perfect opportunity to practice this unique stitch pattern before committing to a whole project. The yarn over slip stitch through the back loop only is a stitch for which it can be a little tricky to achieve a nice, even tension. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Starting the hat, Brenda has a chain that is the specified number of chains for the size she is making. She works the foundation row by working yarn over slip stitch into the back bump of the chain. Once the foundation row is complete, she works the slip stitch pattern through the back loop only. Working vertically, she creates short rows and demonstrates a modified slip stitch join to make the rows tidier at the crown of the hat.

Once the hat is complete, Brenda works a slip stitch seam to join the hat together. Using a tapestry needle, she closes the hat and it’s ready to have the ends woven in. She suggests lightly blocking the hat with a little bit of steam to help it keep its shape.