Brenda K.B. Anderson

Gnome for the Holidays

Brenda K.B. Anderson
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Duration:   1  hrs 13  mins

You’ll have such a great time tucking these gnomes into the little nooks and crannies of your house: nestled in a bookshelf, peeking out from behind an open door, hiding in amongst the holiday decorations… They make a wonderful and unexpected gift for a host too! Quick to make, even with all those little details, you will find yourself wanting to make more of these than you had planned- they are just so much fun! Click here to download the free pattern.

Download the free Gnome for the Holidays Pattern

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6 Responses to “Gnome for the Holidays”

  1. Susan

    I am unable to download the pattern for these adorable gnomes. I get : Access denied: You don't have authorization to view this page. HTTP ERROR 403 Thanks so much for any advice you can provide. Hello Susan, The “403 error” would be server error with your internet connection has blocked your access. 403 error code means 'unauthorized access' and there are two broad cases where this can happen. 1. If you are just trying to load the front page of a website ( for example) and you get a 403 there is a chance our fraud detection system has banned your ip. This is an automated system that detects when a user attempts to run a credit card through checkout more than 5 times or by entering the wrong passcode. This sometimes clears after an hour and you would be able to access the site again with login and password at the site of: If you still are unable to access, then your ip gets banned for 3 days. This can be confirmed by having by example try to load the site on your cell phone that is on mobile data (not their wifi). If this is the case opening a support case can get them unblocked before the three days is up. 2. The other 403 case is if they are trying to access content that is behind our paywall (must be a member to access) and they are logged out. Easiest way to test this one is to have the user open up an incognito window, go to the site and sign in, and see if the error persists. If after trying the first, please let us know your IP address by this link we need IP4: Then once you send this information to us, we will be able to have your IP removed from the block on our site(Only if needed). Sincerely, Sarah Creative Crochet Coerner

  2. Debbie Krenitsky

    These are absolutely adorable! Thank you for the video and pattern. I see a couple Xmas gifts in my future!

  3. Lois

    You don’t tie yours ends off? Just weave in?

  4. Lois

    Hi from Florida

  5. Lisa

    Perfect little project! Just wondering if this will have subtitles/closed captions available after this live tutorial, so I can go back and review. Thank you so much.

  6. Judy

    Hi from Canada Ontario 🇨🇦 it's a grey day here and rainy ⛈️

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