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Duration:   56  mins

Join Brenda K.B. Anderson for a CCC GOLD LIVE tutorial on how to make the Hotdish! hot pad. Inspired by a mid-century design aesthetic, this cheeky hot pad will protect your counter tops and dinner table from heat when serving up your favorite hotdish (or any favorite meal served in a casserole dish). Created by working in the thermal stitch pattern, the fabric is very thick and dense, and has square-shaped stitches—just perfect as a base for cross-stitch! Even better, a blank chart is included in the pattern as well, so that you can create your own cross-stitch design instead. Maybe you aren’t a fan of hotdish or perhaps you have never tasted one. Just in case you’ve never heard of a hotdish before—it’s a regional casserole-style dish from the upper midwestern United States (particularly Minnesota, North Dakota, and parts of Wisconsin) that contains a starch, meat, vegetable, and often a cream-based soup or a tomato base.

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