Brenda K.B. Anderson

How Much Yarn Do I Have Left?

Brenda K.B. Anderson
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Duration:   5  mins

We all love using up yarn from our stash, but how do we know how much is left in those partially used skeins? Do we have enough for the project that we want to make?

In this video, Brenda K. B. Anderson shares her technique for finding out how much yardage she has in a ball of yarn that was partly used. You will need a kitchen scale (or yarn scale) in order to do this. You can find inexpensive scales in the kitchen department of many retail stores, but they are also available at many online yarn stores or Amazon. You will also need some information from the ball band (the yarn label) such as how much the original skein weighted, and how many yards or meters you had to begin with (before using any). If you no longer have the ball band, you can usually find this information online if you remember the name and brand of the yarn. Brenda shows you how with this information, a simple formula, and a little easy math, you can determine how much yarn you have left.

For those times when we do not know what the name of the yarn is or cannot find the information about beginning weight and yardage, Brenda shows us another way to estimate how much yardage is left. This method is not as precise, but will still give you a pretty good idea of how much yarn you have.

Knowing how to estimate the amount of yarn you have left will save you from the heartache that happens when you realize you are about to run out of yarn, and will allow you to use up that stash without worry!

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