Brenda K.B. Anderson

Intro To Broomstick Lace

Brenda K.B. Anderson
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Duration:   27  mins

In this video, Brenda demonstrates how to work basic broomstick lace. This is a beautiful stitch pattern that is deceptively easy and very quick to work up. Depending on the thickness of the yarn and the size of the knitting needle (or “broomstick”) this stitch pattern can be very open and airy, or rather solid, squishy and warm.

To begin, chain a multiple of 5 stitches. In this video Brenda chains 25. Brenda points out that the original foundation chain will likely “shrink up” as the next couple of rows are worked, which is important to know if you want your piece to have certain measurements when you are finished. Note that the right side is always facing you in this stitch pattern.

Row 1 (Loop Making set-up Row): The working loop is elongated and slipped over the knitting needle to begin this row (the crochet hook is removed from the elongated loop). Insert hook under bottom bump (or “horizontal dash”) of the next ch, yo and pull up loop, elongating it to deposit it onto the knitting needle. Pull up a loop from the bottom of each ch across, placing them one-by-one onto the knitting needle.

Row 2 (Loop Grouping Row): Working yarn should be brought to the back of work. Insert hook from right to left (or left to right if left-handed) through the first 5 loops on the knitting needle, yo and pull up loop (pulling through all five elongated loops), chain 1 to anchor your working loop and to group those 5 loops together. Working through all 5 elongated loops held together as one, make 5 SC into the same space. *Insert hook through the next 5 elongated loops and make 5 SC through those 5 loops help together as one, repeat from * for each set of 5 loops across row. Your stitch count remains the same; in this case, Brenda still has 25 stitches.

Row 3 (Loop Making Row): Elongate the working loop and slip it over the knitting needle to begin this row (remove hook from loop) this counts as the first st. *Insert hook under the following SC yo and pull up loop, elongating it until it can fit over knitting needle. Place elongated loop on knitting needle. Repeat from * until a loop has been picked up from every stitch.

Repeat Rows 2-3 as desired, ending with a repeat of Row 2.
There is a tremendous variety of uses for this unique stitch pattern; blankets, hats, sweaters, scarves, lacy shawls or stoles would all be a wonderful use of this beautiful stitch pattern!

What do you plan to make? Let us know in the comments below!

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