Marly Bird

Multicolored Spirals in Crochet

Marly Bird
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Duration:   15  mins

Crochet designer Marly Bird demonstrates how to create a beautiful spiral motif that’s sure to catch the eye. Learn how to start at the center, easily keep track of your colors, grow the spiral, and finish it perfectly.

To begin, Marly makes an adjustable ring (also known as a magic ring or magic loop) with the first color. She works a single crochet, a half double crochet, and two double crochet stitches into the ring. Once the second double crochet is complete, she removes the loop from the hook and secures it with a locking stitch marker. She joins the next color with a standing single crochet, works a half double crochet and two double crochets. Once again, she removes the loop from the hook and secures it with a stitch marker. This process is repeated for the next two colors.

Once all the colors are worked into the ring, Marly cinches it up to close it tight. She then discusses the importance of yarn management when working this motif. She suggests rotating the work to the left to keep the colors separated and that way you’re always ready to work the next color at the top of the spiral.

To work the subsequent rounds, double crochet increases are worked in between standard double crochet stitches. Each color builds on top of the next color. Marly uses a stitch marker of a different color to mark the beginning of the round to keep her place and to know when to change the rate of increasing.

Once the spiral is nearing completion, Marly tapers off the spiral by working double crochets, followed by some half double crochets. She finishes off each color with single crochet stitches. By slowly working shorter stitches, this maintains the spiral shape on the last round. When she weaves in the ends, she does so in a way that makes the join between the two colors a smooth transition, leaving a nice circle-shaped motif.

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