Brenda K.B. Anderson

Oak Grove Earflap Hat

Brenda K.B. Anderson
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Duration:   55  mins

The Oak Grove Earflap hat is a project the whole family will love! This utilitarian hat will keep everyone’s ears warm for years to come. Constructed sideways, this hat uses increases and decreases along one edge of work to create seamless earflaps. A contrast edging and pompom allows for extra personalization; make these in school colors or the colors of their favorite sports-team. Click here to download the free Oak Grove Earflap Hat pattern.

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5 Responses to “Oak Grove Earflap Hat”

  1. Nicola Smith

    Lovely hat but the constant talking about this and that is very distracting. If you’re teaching a practical subject it’s best just to talk about the practice. Avoid waffling as it’s hard to decipher what’s important and what’s not. You don’t have to fill every bit of airspace with your voice! Lovely hat thank you.

  2. Cheryl Byers

    I did something different last year. I adapted a beanie to be longer over the ears and neck. My daughter-in-law is in construction. She needed something that could be worn under her hard hat.

  3. Barbara

    Hi from California 👋

  4. Lauren Watts

    The camera is not close enough to really see the stitches she is demonstrating.

  5. Priscilla

    Hello from California.

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