Pineapple Water Sling

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Duration:   1  hrs 4  mins

This fun project is a great introduction to pineapple lace crochet! Worked in a worsted weight kitchen cotton with only two repeats, the pineapple motifs seem to grow right before your very eyes! This can be made in an afternoon and taken for a hike the same day. Click here to download the free pattern.

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3 Responses to “Pineapple Water Sling”

  1. Carolyn Fysh

    Hi Brenda, I do have a special summer project. I work in a customer service job in a campground every summer. There are a couple of down times during the week and I work on a crochet afghan project that is made in small discreet squares. The crochet is good as I can just toss it when a customer comes and is survives the toss. Unlike a knitting project that might drop all the stitches!

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