Brenda K.B. Anderson

Split Single Crochet Colorwork

Brenda K.B. Anderson
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Duration:   20  mins

Working colorwork charts in crochet can be a fun way to turn your project up a notch. By using split single crochet stitches for colorwork, the result is crisp, clean stitches that really make your colorwork pop! In this video, crochet expert Brenda K.B. Anderson demonstrates how to work split single crochet for colorwork.

Brenda begins by reviewing the colorwork chart that will be used – a lemon slice motif. She notes that for the demonstration, she is only working part of the chart.

She chains 19 stitches for the chart, plus 6 stitches to serve as edge stitches. She chains one more as a turning chain and then works a row of standard single crochet stitches into the back (or bottom bump) of the foundation chain. Once this row is complete, Brenda joins in the round. The piece is worked entirely in the round and then cut to lay flat.

Now that the piece is joined in the round, she works the next round of the chart, joining the contrasting color. Brenda explains how to carry the yarn along while working the chart, as well as where to place the hook when working split single crochet stitches. As the swatch is worked, she stops occasionally to adjust the fabric to maintain an even tension, without puckering.

Once the chart is complete, Brenda cuts along the edge stitches so that the swatch is flat. She noticed a mistake while stitching and demonstrates how to fix the mistake. Much like knitting, a duplicate “v” stitch is created with yarn and tapestry needle. It’s a quick and easy way to fix a mistake without ripping out the entire piece.

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