Brenda K.B. Anderson

Watermelon Clutch

Brenda K.B. Anderson
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Duration:   1  hrs 13  mins

Join Brenda K.B. Anderson to learn how to make a watermelon clutch. This super-easy project is a great introduction to felting! A large circle is transformed into a structured bag simply by running it through the wash a couple of times. The felting process allows us to cut a slit for the zipper- after the clutch had been made, without the fabric falling apart. This technique makes it possible to make a very simple circle into a half-moon shaped purse, with the zipper at the top edge. Be sure to watch the video for tips! Click here to download the free pattern.

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2 Responses to “Watermelon Clutch”

  1. Amanda Dixon

    Hi! I'm sorry I missed this live, but absolutely love this pattern and idea. I want to make this for my niece using the chunky yarn you mention, but am not sure how much to purchase. If all goes well, I'm thinking of making something similar (for my autistic nephew) but as a lemon. He loves the color yellow, so I thought I might just change the colors! Thank you so much for this idea. Also, I though I'd share... but my first intro to felting was years ago and I only did it once, as I was NOT told to put the project inside a pillowcase and the fibers got all over the inside of my Mom's washing machine, clogged it and it broke! I was always too afraid to try again after. Thank you for the pillowcase trick! šŸ„°

  2. Tameka

    Hello love learning other things to make thank you for broadcasting live

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