• 1:19:30

    Amigurumi Basics: Make Your Own Kitty Cat

    Have you wanted to make amigurumi crochet patterns, but you aren’t sure where to start? These projects can be so fun to make, and really are quite simple once you break down the steps. In this video, crochet expert and amigurumi lover Brenda K.B. Anderson demonstrates how to make an adorable, crocheted kitty cat. You’ll…

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  • 32:30

    Basic Bunny Toy Pattern

    Crocheted amigurumi projects are not only super fun to stitch, but they are perfect for beginner crocheters and experts alike! These little stuffies are super “kawaii” (meaning “cute” in Japanese) and are often easy to make, using only single crochet with basic increases and decreases. In this video, crochet enthusiast Mister Domestic demonstrates how to…

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  • 11:41

    How to Crochet a Ball Toy

    Want to learn how to crochet toys and other crochet amigurumi projects but aren’t sure where to start? Let Corrina Ferguson teach you all the basics and show you how to make a cute and simple ball toy. This toy is easy to customize, and the best part is you’re learning the basic skills you…

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  • 26:26

    Basic Shapes Used to Make Toys

    When making amigurumi, or small crocheted toys, there are several shapes that are commonly used to create these cute stuffies. In this video, crochet enthusiast Mister Domestic explores some of the common shapes used in the these toys, and shows you just how it easy it is to make a toy all of your own!…

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  • 8:10

    Attaching Toy Pieces Together

    One super fun project in crochet is making amigurumi or small toys. These projects make amazing gifts, or they are something cute to crochet for yourself. Once you understand the mechanics of the basic toy shapes, putting the shapes together to make something adorable might seem daunting. Don’t worry – in this video, Mister Domestic…

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  • 2:55

    Tips for Creating the Perfect Amigurumi Fabric

    When crocheting a project, different fabrics will be used in different applications. For example, lacy pineapple stitches might be seen on a crocheted shawl or vest. A tight, dense fabric of single crochet will be used on items like crocheted toys or pillows. In this video, Corrina Ferguson explores the latter of the two fabrics…

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