• 5:34

    Single Crochet Decrease

    The single crochet stitch is commonly one of the first stitches that is mastered when learning to crochet. Amigurumi toys and baby sweaters can easily be made knowing just this one stitch. If making one of these projects, or a variety of other projects, decreases may need to be used in order to shape the…

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  • 6:45

    Pattern Reading Basics

    Whether starting a crochet baby blanket pattern or a crochet sock pattern, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to work through the pattern instructions. In this video, crochet expert Mary Beth Temple demystifies crochet patterns and explains each section of the pattern as well as shares her tips for successfully following a crochet pattern. Mary Beth…

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  • 9:13

    Crocheting in Circles

    Crocheting in circles is a fun technique used to create lots of unique projects, from crocheted doilies to crocheted hats. In this video, crochet expert Mary Beth Temple explains how to crochet a circle and reviews some of the basic rules used to create this fun shape. Mary Beth begins by discussing important attributes of…

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